KEL training activity Play Based Learning of Early Childhood Education with PRE-SCHOOL TEACHER TRAINING CENTER

KEL Foundation (KEL-F) is an initiative of Kinder Early Learning (KEL). We use our own fund, fund of our partners, fund of donors to provide basic early childhood training/ education to public school early childhood teacher nationwide.

We also provide parenting training/ education for free of charge to some of our target parents.

We believe that the happiness, safety, and growth of children mainly contribute by parents and teacher. So, we not only work with children but also cooperate closely with parents and public school teachers.

To achieve this big dream, we need the contribution from all stakeholders.

Our First Project

KEL training activity “Play Based Learning of Early Childhood Education” on 20 October 2018 with PRE-SCHOOL TEACHER TRAINING CENTER, Phnom Penh by KEL Director, Ms. Tea Sokly.


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