Introducing Nguon Lyhuong, a devoted Director and mother of two, whose passion lies in the field of early childhood education. With over 5 years of experience, Lyhuong is dedicated to offering top-notch childcare services that foster the comprehensive development of children.

Her academic background is impressive, as she holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the prestigious Royal University of Phnom Penh. Additionally, she has acquired a sought-after certification in early childhood education from Finland, renowned for having one of the finest early childhood education systems worldwide.

Throughout her career, Lyhuong has held various roles, including teacher, teacher supervisor, and director at Kinder Early Learning. Her unwavering commitment to creating a nurturing and stimulating environment has been instrumental in providing children with a space to learn and flourish. Having lived and worked in Australia, she gained invaluable insights into the standards of high-quality early childhood education offered in different countries.

For Lyhuong, every child deserves the opportunity to unlock their full potential. With a profound dedication to excellence, she ensures that the childcare provided at Kinder Early Learning promotes the social, emotional, cognitive, and physical growth of each child.

If you seek a childcare provider who is genuinely passionate about providing the best possible care for your child, look no further than Kinder Early Learning, where Lyhuong and her team are committed to nurturing young minds and shaping a brighter future.